"Remain, as I do, incomprehensible: to be great is to be misunderstood"- Oscar Wilde.

"You knew what my Art was to me, the great primal note by which I had revealed, first myself to myself, and then myself to the world"- Oscar Wilde.

October 19, 2012

Terry Williams

A little over five years ago, I (Christina) missed an exhibition I really wanted to see. It was called ‘To the End of The Earth- Works By Terry Williams’. The show’s curator was artist Moya McKenna. You can read about it by clicking here.

I missed the exhibition because when it was on I had never heard of Arts Project Australia.
Only a few months after that show finished I met both Moya and Terry at the studio when I became an arts worker.

I have to say they both made an impression. Despite being almost physical opposites, (Terry’s height means he towers over Moya) it is evident they both share an enigmatic strength and purpose explodes into action when they create work. I’ve never seen Moya paint in her studio but I have caught glimpses of Terry working in his (its one of the great privileges of working in as an artist assistant).

Too see what I mean check out this amazing short film of Terry at work:

"Terry"  by  Jeffrey Paul

Anyway, I was telling you about this great show I have never seen… The thing is, I saw a photo of Terry and Moya standing in front of a wall that Terry was able to ‘add or subtract’ drawings to during the length of the exhibition. This piece set up a sort of living dialogue that grew in to a full and complex journey- one that no doubt extended to The End of the Earth…

When we began working with Terry for the Great un Reveal we wanted to create some drawing room with a nod to a show we missed all those years ago...

Terry hard at work preparing for The Great un Reveal!

Luckily, you only have to wait one more day to see the work!

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