"Remain, as I do, incomprehensible: to be great is to be misunderstood"- Oscar Wilde.

"You knew what my Art was to me, the great primal note by which I had revealed, first myself to myself, and then myself to the world"- Oscar Wilde.

October 16, 2012

Tim Noble

Tim Noble often draws symbols or small intricate designs that identify some thing he love or celebrates. Tim's graphic style, intricate mark making and broad use of colour reflect Tim's hearty embrace of decorative logos, footy emblems and seasonal holiday imagery from the media and advertisement.

In the whirl and burl, of the busy Arts Project Studio,
Tim is an impressively still and steady presence.

The Sisters Hayes have been smitten with this quite young man's work ever since we saw it.... especially Tim's DISNEY works! One of the most recognized Disney designs features a castle based on their famous theme park structure in Disneyland.

Tim Noble, 'Walt Disney Picture', 2011, texta on paper
Image courtesy of Arts Project Australia

The Walt Disney Picture logo is one of the logos Tim draws a lot. This logo is what you see just before a Disney movie starts... Once the 'when you wish upon a star' instrumental accompaniment begins and you see a glowing arch fly over the castle you know the magic has begun.

We've worked with Tim to create a 'magical' installation for the show. See it in just three days for the opening of the Great un Reveal!

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